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I am currently 25m/5’8”/143lbs and am trying to reduce my body fat percentage. I started focusing on this goal in January and at the time I was at ~12% body fat. I have since lost ~10lbs but am now at ~14%. I am assuming this is means my body composition hasn’t really changed.

I have been doing a high protein/lowish carb diet (~130g protein/carbs) with an average calorie intake of ~1500 and am wondering if I should switch to high protein/low fat? From what I’ve read it may just depend on the person as to which works better so my question is: is it too soon to switch diets?

I do 1.5-2 hours of resistance training 3 times per week and rock climb 2-3 times per week as exercise. I have been getting better at both so I don’t know why I seem to be losing muscle.

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