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Hi guys! I’ve been struggling to eat the number of calories and proteins I need to grow my muscles up, cause I noticed I was eating not enough and my development was being really slow.

A friend of mine suggested I buy a vegan protein powder. I’ve already tried pea and rice protein and I think is good once you go over the shock of the first sip, but I really don’t want to consume sweeteners every day.

So I searched for a more natural protein powder and I found hemp. It looks like a better option because is a one-ingredient product and contains omega 3 fatty acids. It also has some cons: too much fiber to add to a plant-based diet, less protein per serving compared to a regular protein powder, and lower solubility.

So I came here to ask you guys for your opinion. Could you share your experiences using different protein supplement products? It will be very useful to me.

Thank you all my vegan athletes!

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