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I’ve googled until my brain is mush, and I’ve even talked to my Dad (he’s an MD) about supplements/diet changes and I’ve gotten nowhere on a specific issue, I’m hoping some of you could point me in the right direction:

So, I’ve been vegan for over a decade, and vegetarian for 6 years before that, and I’ve always been fairly active and in decent shape (dabbled in various sports as a kid but now I mostly just work out with light weights, go hiking, etc, nothing too crazy). I’ve noticed that during the pandemic as my stress levels rose astronomically, I’ve started to get thicker (not in a good way) in my mid-section, my hair is brittle, and I NEVER feel rested/restored. I’ve upped my fitness regimen over the last year and still am not making progress with how I feel or how I look. Life is still quite stressful (money, school, family stuff) but this isn’t a normal correlation IMHO (I’ve always had a pretty challenging life and was still able to find joy/feel quite healthy in the past). My diet has only gotten better over the years: I eat alot of produce, rice, potatoes, garbanzos, mushrooms, sea moss, and some processed vegan food as well like tofu and mock meat products. I also take Garden of Life men’s multi vitamin (supposedly the best vegan vitamin on the market), and some sublingual b12 (spray and pills, not sure how effective it is).

Basically, I went to my annual check-up and got a blood panel done, and my primary care doc says that my thyroid is sluggish, my cholesterol is a bit high, and my omega 3’s are extremely low. She is trying to badger me (without so much as a full conversation) into immediately taking prescription medication for the thyroid and cholesterol issue, as well as trying to get me to start taking an SSRI (I’m not depressed any more than anyone else living in this hellscape rn lol) and eating fish/taking a fish oil supplement, which obviously I would never do. I don’t take any medication, I don’t even drink caffeine or alcohol, and do not want to start any type of prescription that would only complicate my life/health in the long run. I want to fix these issues naturally through supplements, food, lifestyle, fitness, etc, but I read conflicting information everywhere about how to do that, even on vegan websites.

I truly want to be a stellar example of vegan health & fitness, and I feel like I’m letting myself and the community (and therefore the animals) down by not inhabiting my highest self. Any advice would be deeply appreciated !!!

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