H&M to launch new fashion collection using vegan cactus leather

‘A sustainable and circular fashion system’

Speaking in a statement on H&M’s website, creative advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson explained, “Our new concept continues H&M’s journey towards a sustainable and circular fashion system.

“Innovation Stories allows us to develop and grow, all while creating desirable and long-lasting pieces that we hope our customers will love and be proud of.”

Concept designer Ella Soccorsi added, “Innovation Stories is a platform that pushes our experimentation to the next level. The initiative encourages our work with scientists and developers and puts a spotlight on our progressive ideas.

“Science Story is a homage to the years of research and experiments behind these incredible materials.”

While arguably the most sustainable fashion practice is buying second-hand, every innovation is a step forward. And with animal-free alternatives leading the way, we are feeling ambitiously positive about the future of the fashion industry.

The Science Story collection will be available at hm.com from 18 March in the US and Canada.

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Photo credit: H&M

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