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I suffer from Oral Allergy Syndrome, which means that due to my pollen allergy I cannot eat raw fruits and nuts. Eating raw fruits and nuts gives me a scratchy throat, nausea, and similar effects to pollen in the spring. I still can eat peanut butter, applesauce, and other processed/cooked fruit and nut products.

I’m also lactose Intolerant but I drink plant based milk. Since most protein powders contain dairy, I am on the brink of buying a vegan protein powder. Unfortunately, there are only about 3 high calorie vegan protein powders on the market so my options are limited.

Here is my attempt to save money.

My Question: Can I make a homemade and high calorie protein shake and/or smoothie WITHOUT raw fruits and nuts?

If you can’t offer a specific recipe, please list some ingredients that I can blend together to create my own recipe

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