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Vegan since 3/4 months. Need help.

I got a bit fat again trying out all these delicious new vegan recepies and now I’m back to dieting. Doing the only method that works 100% for me – counting calories.

Info: Male, 23 years old, 170lbs (77kg) and 5’9″

I’m going to go hit the gym again ASAP but currently my only exercise is running 4 times a week for about 40 mins. I wanna get down to around 154lbs (70kg) or so.

Thing is I gain weight easy so when I’m losing weight I eat little calories. Around 1500 or 1600 a day. But last time I did this, my diet was basically chicken breast and brocolli/cauliflower all day everday. I lived and breathed chicken breasts since they were both filing and super high in protein.

But now as a vegan I don’t know what else to make my go-to protein food that’s also filling so I don’t feel like I am completely starving during the day. I love lentils but I’m pretty sure they are very high in calories for their protein ratio, same as nuts.

Chicken breast 100g 165 kcal 31g of protein Lentils 100g 116 kcal 9g of protein

So altough lentils have a bit less calories, I woukd have to eat more than 3x as much to get the same amount of protein. There must be a better alternative.

What is a good protein rich food that doesn’t have insane calories?

Edit: Also I want to clarify that I’m vegan purely for ethical reasons, not because of health or anything so I know next to nothing about nutrition lol.

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