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I’ve been going to the gym for a couple of months now.

I have extremely bad anxiety (diagnosed. its a serious thing. its not like uwu my anxious.), and this basically manifests itself in a lot of ways. One of those happens to be when I’m at the gym. I’ll do cardio (typically biking, I cannot do the other stuff), and then I get too anxious to use the other equipment and I’ll leave. I don’t really know what this comes from tbh. Maybe a combo of people using it, people waiting for me, etc. I also think back to the time where I was wiping the equipment before use (we have to wipe after but I always do both because I’d rather be careful), and this woman’s like “you can just lay down a towel instead”. I get extremely nervous when I’m rereading the instructions on the equipment as well, because I feel like people are watching to check and see if I actually know what I’m doing. I also get nervous if I’m taking a moment to break between reps, because I feel like if I’m not actively using the equipment then I shouldn’t be there. I also just don’t really have any kind of structure, and I’m nervous to talk to a trainer right now due to covid.

Anyone also get this? Anyone know how to deal with this effectively, or have any useful tips? It would be much appreciated.

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