How do you get enough protein if you hate protein powders/bars? : veganfitness

I’ve never consistently worked out before in my life but I’ve been working on building it into my routine for the last month or so. I have tried a couple protein powders and a couple bars, but I really don’t like the taste of any of them. I force myself to eat/drink them anyway, but it’s a struggle. Sometimes it feels like it keeps me from working out because I’m dreading having to down a gross smoothie or make myself finish a protein bar that tastes like sugared chalk.

Sidenote: I’ve been vegan for 7+ years and make lots of food with vegan protein sources like legumes/beans/tofu, etc., but I don’t think it’s consistently enough to keep up with workout demands.

Anyone have any success with any particular brands that offer unflavored protein powder? Or just like, any tips here would be really appreciated.

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