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Hey. I’m looking to lose weight. I’m male, 6 feet, weigh 95kg. I’m currently trying out Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch, burning about 120 calories per day, because I have not exercised properly in years. My calves are fine though. My thighs on the other hand, fat. Almost as much fat as my stomach area and my N64 Lara Croft chest.

That said, I don’t really know anything about fitness.

My Diet:

I take Veg 1 supplements + milled flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, goji berries mix.

I have breakfast with oats, I have chocolate Oatly because it helps me eat it up (Am in the process of finding alternatives), also topped with the milled seeds, and a random Protein Mix from some company? It’s a raw chocolate and nuts mix.

Lunch. The issue with my lunches is what I can do. I don’t want to dedicate too much time to prep, and I can’t spend too much money or have the room for prepacked stuff. 10 minutes prep at most. I have cooked frozen mixed veg in wraps, often with somethings unhealthy like vegan cheese or vegan sandwich fillings. I’ll add couscous to the veg because I cook it in a pan with no oil, just water. The couscous helps absorb water. With these wraps though, I’ll have a bag of crisps. I’m aiming to reduce my portions, and move onto a brand called Eat Real, which I do really like.

Last meal, which I call dinner, some call tea. I have a weird language. It varies. It can be healthy, like a salad or maybe more cousous, with junk food. Not always healthy. Let’s say two Beyond Burgers. It’s unhealthy I know. I do sometimes cook curries with tofu and some other vegetables, maybe peppers. I have microwave coconut rice for the curry, or frozen chips for the burgers. If burgers with chips, I’ll have some sort of veg. Tinned tomatoes, or beans, or sweetcorn, or pees. If depends, I do have other veg, like carrots, sprouts, etc. It’s rare because the burgers are expensive anyway. I have frozen alternatives to use as well.

That’s the basics of my diet. Cronometer says I’m getting around roughly 60-70% of all targets, and about 2700 calories, which is the target, but I know I need to cut down on calories to lose weight faster.

Are there any tips/things missing?

About the sensory issues. I have a problem with textures and tastes sometimes. I actually don’t like the feel of my mixed vegetable wraps, but I flavour them well enough using either sauce (which can have lots of calories, I know), or spices I have. Or a vegan cheese which I’m trying to cut down on. I have high functioning autism if that explains more? I don’t like jackfruit at all. Worst taste and feel to me. Hopefully that gives an idea of where I stand with feel and taste.

Another thing I think is important to mention. I have a big stomach I think. It ties into my depression and anxiety. (Also I suspect complex PTSD). I was hoping exercising would fix it, but it doesn’t seem to. I also have some sleep issues every now and then. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, but I’m unsure if that’s because of bluelight (I stare at a screen for 12 hours a day, maybe more), or a noise. Or the above issues. Consistent nightmares too.

About Ring Fit Adventure so far.

It’s day 5 of my Ring Fit. I skipped one day because I sorta worked out in another way, too NSFW. On the fourth day I suffered from what I suspect is DOMS in my legs because I never got strenuous exercise before Ring Fit. So I did an upper body set of uh, workouts? from the game instead. And it’s day 5 now, my muscles were fine, no aching or anything, so I did the usual and managed to do more for longer. I do the adventure mode mainly, since it’s fun-ish. Love the idea, and I’m a sucker for nice looking environments (the jogging sections). I have MASSIVE anxiety though, that’s why I chose this game over going to the gym. I’m also really self-conscious, even in this game.

I have a very small time slot to play Ring Fit though. I have so much to do each day. I aim to do anywhere from half an hour to an hour of gameplay. I am unemployeed.

I’m in no rush to lose weight, but it would be nice to lose it, and solve some other issues along the way. People on the anxiety reddit consistently recommended exercise for my insomnia. So… I have to give it a good half a year to see if the exercise helps.

Thanks in advance.

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