How to eat over ~50 grams of protein in relatively low calorie diet? : veganfitness

So I’ve been tracking my macros and micros as everyone recommends, whily slowly transitioning into veganism.

What I’m seeing is that with supplements and eating varied fruits and vegetables the micros are easy peasy lemon squeezy to get, but I “only” reach about 50 grams of protein by following general advice such as oatmeal for breakfast, seeds on everything, and plenty of legumes + whole wheat grains for dinner. The issue is that because I don’t eat a lot in general, my protein intake maxes out at around 50 grams each day, and if I want to increase it I’m simultaneously increasing fat and/or carbs, which I don’t want to do. I’d like to mention that I’m not crazily restricting my calorie intake at all so I doubt I just need to eat way more. I aim for 1,700 to 1,900 a day depending on whether I train that day or not, and I’m a 130lbs woman trying to gain muscle while keeping my weight more or less stable (although I’m fine with a few lbs extra, I’m pretty comfortable with the amount of fat I have now).

By the way, I did a small experiment with putting in a typical day of eating before I left out dairy and eggs and even before I left out meat, and wasn’t getting more than 50g protein then either…

Is there obvious or less obvious very protein-dense food I’m missing out on that could help with this? Preferably just a normal store-bought ingredient, but if protein powder is the only way I’m down to try it.

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