How to keep testosterone levels balanced and avoid xenoestrogens/phytoestrogens as a 16 year old? : veganfitness

I’m a 16 year old male and have been vegan since birth, I would not consider myself overweight but am attempting to get leaner. I have a pretty strict workout routine and eat good food and lots of stuff rich in antioxidants. My dad is very experienced in the fitness industry and I am very lucky to get tips and advice from him.

I came here to ask for advice regarding estrogen and testosterone levels, I am aware that these days it is hard to avoid chemicals that can affect our natural levels.

Although I cannot remember when it started for at least the last 2 years I have noticed that I have gyno, which I am very self conscious and embarrassed of. You could also say that I am developing what appears to be slower than other people my age do these days, again which I am embarrassed about.

I want to see how I can naturally avoid these chemicals which are possibly affecting my natural testosterone levels. I am also considering getting a blood test done soon just to check my levels and see if they are alright although the issues I have talked about point me to think that they might not be.

If anyone has advice on how I can go about naturally avoiding these chemicals which are affecting me, I would greatly appreciate it, or even personal experiences. Thanks for reading

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