I hate that people call me skinny when I’m stronger than most people who call me that. : veganfitness

I know I’m thin with little body fat. I always have been. Even when i wasn’t vegan. But OF COURSE, as soon as people find out I’m vegan, they assume that’s why. Even the idiots who knew me before I was vegan seem to forget…. It also doesn’t help that I’m 6’5″, because you need to be pretty big at that height to not look skinny. And man, I’m just sick and tired of it, because I’m literally stronger than most people who call me that. Yeah I’m thin, but that also means that basically everything you see is muscle.

It’s really hard for me to gain any kind of weight, and I can’t seem to build any pecs. I do enjoy physical activity, but not working out for the sake of working out. I want my muscles to be realistic and practical, something I use, not have to eat specifically for and work on everyday. Those kinds of muscles, while they look good, make no sense to me. You need to put in alot of effort to maintain the facade that this is what you “look like”, and if you stop, everyone will know immediately.

Anyways, just curious if any other vegans have tips for building pecs at home when it’s something you have a hard time with.

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