I have to ask this question. : veganfitness

I’m 322lbs, female,30 years old, I need to basically lose half my body weight, I have no clue where to start and any form of help would be appreciated. can bring vegan not only save the plant but help me reach my goal with 120% dedication? I’ve heard this is more healthier then keto. has anyone have any success stories being female that lost that much weight? I hope this is the right sub.

I recently am getting a home gym set up this weekend and I will be working out with my husband for a hour a day every day, with no excuses. We set aside a hour a day and we plan on sticking to it with 30 minutes of weights and a bowflex m6 and then we switch. is this a good plan for needing to lose that much weight? Surgery isn’t a option. Also if I said something wrong or worded it badly I apologize in advance. Iam not here to offend anyone. Just here for help. Thank you for your time.

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