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Hi guys I need some diet advice. I‘m M/21, 194cm and 88kg. I‘ve been working out in a gym since I‘m 16 always had a good lean physique but I‘ve never been able to put on some real muscle mass. I‘ve made the switch to a vegan diet in January and been really enjoying the health benefits (especially skin) since then.

Today was the first day I tracked my food. I‘ve had a good shake with oats, berries, peanut butter and vegan protein powder. For lunch pasta with greens and tofu and for dinner a tofu stir fry with rice. I eat these meals pretty often. In total: 2600kcal, 160p, 310carbs, 74f.

I know that’s not enough for building muscle, but there is no more room for food. The warm meals are really filling me up.

What can I change in my diet for better results? Or other recipes which benefit my goal more? Thanks in advance!

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