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Hey Guys,

ive been overweight my whole life pretty much.

Vegetarian since December 2019, Vegan since July 2020.

I was on a good weight loss streak in 2019 and 2020, lost about 45kg with changing eating behaviours and doing lots of cycling.

But now i gained about 10-15kg again from my lowest (109kg, now 123kg) and struggle really much with everything.

My goal is to get normal weight, muscels and stay as vegan as possible.

But im at a point where im pretty much overwhelmed with everything.

My Data:


23 y.o.



Endomorph Body Type

At this point its to much for me. Ive always been addicted to Carbs and i lost all my good eating habits again in the last year. Also im a pretty picky eater, its getting better but still.

Can anyone help me to make a plan to go by?

Like fitness, cardio, food, etc.

I dont know how i should get all the protein which i would need tbh, i dont want to drink like 100g whey a day.

any help appriciated

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