Iconic footwear brand Vans launches eco-conscious vegan shoe range

Skatewear brand Vans has launched a new ‘earth-conscious’ Eco Theory vegan range.

The new vegan range features Vans classic style shoes made from sustainable materials such as organically grown cotton for the canvas, natural rubber for the soles, and laces made from hemp.

The brand’s latest vegan range is part of its ‘Surf’ collection and comes in a range of styles, including Vans iconic checkerboard print slip-on trainers and the Authentic lace-up style.

Vans latest collection is available in full in the US, while a selection from the Eco Theory range is now available in several countries worldwide.

Vans Eco Theory range

The latest vegan range from Vans promises to be ‘earth conscious’ whilst maintaining the brand’s signature durability and quality.

Moreover, the brand explained that: “Being earth-conscious means more than just utilizing responsibly sourced materials. It means taking a holistic approach to health and sustainability.

“These key values are the guiding principles in crafting this collection, with the goal being to make a more thoughtful product from the ground up.”

Speaking at the launch of the Eco Theory range, Vans professional surfer Dane Gudauskas said: “Sustainability has to be at the forefront of Vans for the future.

“It’s a fantastic moment to own the space and contribute to a more sustainable way of producing.”

The future of vegan shoes

With consumers making more conscious choices when it comes to fashion, brands are creating more sustainable collections to meet demand.

Vegan footwear is the latest trend to come from conscious designers, and for good reason. Brands such as Adidas and Stella McCartney have paved the way for vegan footwear, providing quality, cruelty-free shoes for consumers.

‘Leather-free’ shoes have become the new norm for many people, vegan or not. What’s exciting about the leather-free movement is seeing different designers get creative with new materials and explore new plant-based possibilities.

In 2020, shoe brand Clae produced its first vegan leather sneaker using cactus leather!

Additionally, pineapple leather and leather created from byproducts of wine have been debuted on catwalks as the urgency for a greener, more sustainable world grows.

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