Ilchester launches new vegan melting mature and blue cheese

Vegan cheese fans, Ilchester is launching its Vegan Blue Cheeze and Melting Mature at Tesco.

The makers of the iconic vegan Applewood cheese revealed the new cheeses will be available from 5th of July.

The latest cheesy release comes after the brand saw huge success with its Christmas vegan cheese board, featuring Applewood vegan cheese, Mexicana, Vegan Blue, and Melting Mature.

Moreover, the brand’s award-winning formula for its vegan Applewood has been applied to its latest cheese alternatives.

Vegan Blue and Melting Mature Cheese

Ilchester’s latest release will give those who are following a plant-based diet greater choice.

The Ilchester Vegan Blue Cheeze will feature unique blue spirulina veins to mimic the look of blue cheese as well as the same creamy texture and sharp, and salty taste of the dairy version.

This creamy alternative is perfect in salads or on top of crackers with sweet chutney. Alternatively, Ilchester recommends serving Vegan Blue with cranberry and dried cherry sauce.

In addition, the Melting Mature is set to be THE mature vegan cheddar cheese. The Melting Mature shares the same meltability factor as dairy cheeses, something that vegans have often find lacking in other plant-based cheeses.

You can grate Melting Mature on top of a fresh pizza base, slice it up in a vegan burger or even use it in vegan mac ‘n’ cheese for a plant-based cheesy dream.


Ilchester’s vegan cheeses

Ilchester has been making cheese in Somerset since 1962 and is part of Norseland’s portfolio of dairy and vegan cheeses.

The company has created some of the best-selling vegan cheeses in the UK.

In a statement for Vegan Food and Living, Lisa Harrison, Brand Manager for Ilchester said: “We trialled the Ilchester Blue Vegan Cheeze and the Ilchester Melting Mature Vegan cheeze in our first-ever Ilchester Vegan Festive Selection last Christmas.

“We were overwhelmed by customers asking us if we were going to launch the Ilchester Vegan Blue and the Ilchester Vegan Melting Mature as standalone cheezes this year.”

Moreover, Harrison shared the increasing demand prompted the brand to launch the vegan alternatives with UK supermarket Tesco.

Add Ilchester’s Melting Mature to this classic mac ‘n’ cheese recipe for the ultimate cheesy treat.

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