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25m, 6’2, 185 lbs, 20% body fat, attempting a “recomp” until i stave off a bit of the quarantine 15 from my bf% (was 13% and a little skinny before) I started hitting the gym a week ago and I kinda went all in. I dont have a set routine yet, I figured I’d kinda just get moving first. I did a great full body workout day one, rested day two, exercised my core and lower back day 3 and some swimming, a little bit of tennis and basketball here and there w my homie after I workout whatever muscles arent sore at all with 1 other day off since. Today I was a little bit sore, but mostly just fatigued, like I could feel lactic acid in my legs walking up stairs or something if that makes sense. I wanted to go to the gym just to move around, I did 3 sets on the bench because my arms and chest weren’t sore but still figured I’d take it easy due to said fatigue. Then I played some light tennis and floated around in the pool, tried out the sauna. I got home, not feeling sore at all, and thought I’d bust out a couple pushups just to see how it would feel. And.. I cant do 1. Last month i did 20 good ones pretty easily just to make sure I still could really, and today I couldnt do 1?? I’ve been eating 2500-3000 calories depending on activity level, lots of healthy fats and complex carbs, good amount of fiber, and a minimum of 150g protein/day, I’ve been sleeping a solid 8 hours, and just doing some light walking here and there to keep the blood flowing when I’m not at the gym, I dont have to work at the moment, I thought that would be adequate rest..? Is this a normal level of fatigue? Will I adapt? Or do I need to slow down? I dont feel like I was doing anything crazy, my energy has been pretty stable, my doms seems to go away after 48 hours, i always look forward to hitting the gym when I go, normal stuff I figured. I didnt expect any noticable difference after a week so dont get me wrong, but I cant do a pushup not being sore or exhausted or anything? Tf is that??

Sorry this is kind of all over the place, but I really look forward to opinions and advice. I’m a true noobie to the gym btw.

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