in need of macro/physique advice : veganfitness

24 f 108lbs ~15%bf

my goal is to maintain this weight or maybe even slim down a bit, but let me explain before i am told to ignore the scale and look in the mirror first

i only refer to the scale as i actually do not prefer to have as much muscle on me, and as you all know muscle weighs more than fat.

weird preference i know but i like my physique to have a bit of a softer appearance. i just gain muscle like crazy with my meso build and dancer background.

i’ve tried like every style of eating under the sun lol – keto made me lose like all of my bf but made me rock solid and left me constantly obsessing over food. high carb vegan was when i was at my happiest (mental + physical) but i ended up gaining over the long run.

think this may be due to either not paying attention to caloric intake or not balancing out the other macros properly so this is where i seek advice – on a high carb diet does protein have to be the second highest macro to consume? because high carb with moderate fat low protein essentially leads to weight gain from what i’ve been told? please my experts give me what knowledge you know. all i do is spend my days researching this sh*t and still find myself on the lost end loll

TL;DR – want to slim down some muscle. want to consistently eat high carb while maintaining/losing a bit of weight. need help balancing macros.

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