Is this a good plan?


My body fat percentage is about 26%, weight about 195, age 19 and I'm male.

I've been pretty insecure about how I look for a while and I want to change that this summer. My goal is to have a visible six pack by the start of the school year (so 2-2.5 months from now).

Here is my plan as it stands:

Run 5 miles in the morning Go to gym and meet with trainer for more specific work on goals Run/bike 5 more miles

I would do this pretty much everyday over the summer, and on the weekends instead of the gym I would rock climb.

I need to get my body fat percentage down to 10-14% (I'd love single digits but we all know that isn't gonna happen in 2 and a half months).

Is this possible given my plan?

Thank you for the help. Anything I should add?

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