Jaguar Land Rover’s new Range Rover offers vegan leather interior

The latest model of Range Rover features a vegan-friendly interior, using animal-free luxury leather from sustainable materials producer Ultrafabrics.

Ultrafabrics have been working on sustainable materials with Jaguar Land Rover for a long time.

Perry Hodge, Ultrafabrics’ Vice President of Transportation, says of the partnership, “We have been working closely with the Jaguar Land Rover design team’s research and innovation team for almost eight years.

“In the new models, especially the Range Rover SV, Ultrafabrics has a much larger presence throughout the interior which is the result of our years-long commitment to bringing luxury and innovation to our customers.”

He adds, “We are proud to bring their concept of modernity and their distinct subtle luxury to life.

“Ultrafabrics’ materials offer the same tactile qualities as leather but are 30% lighter and thereby generate a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions.”

This partnership with Ultrafabrics has allowed Jaguar Land Rover to offer their most progressive materiality choices to date with this new range of Range Rovers.

The standard Range Rover model offers the Ultrafabrics option in Ebony, while the SV Intrepid interior offers a dual colourway of Light Cloud with Cinder Grey.

Range Rover vegan interior

About Ultrafabrics

Ultrafabrics is a range of premium, animal-free materials that is reshaping the world of performance fabrics.

Crafted in the company’s Japanese mill using a proprietary production process, its passion is the creation of unrivalled sensorial experiences.

Ultrafabrics’ continuous investment in innovation, research and development has resulted in a range of polyurethanes suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The brand’s growing client list of luxury brands spans many industries, from residential and contract furniture, to upholstery for cars, yachts, airlines, and private jets.

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