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So, l personally find it reasonably impracticable to gain weight on a whole foods plant based diet because l work out every day and the types of plants l eat are all nutritionally rich as opposed to calorically rich, causing the total number calories consumed to be lower than my desirable number.

I often drop weight at an already low bw, which compels me to almost force eat because l dont really like nuts or seeds that are calorically very dense.

Other times l just dont eat due to laziness and l just dont really love any food including restaurant foods even though l can taste they are very delicious.

I would get hungry, drink a cup of water and do work. A few hours later l can do the same to “forget” my hunger. I dont do this purposefully with the intention of losing weight but rather because lm just too lazy and sometimes l just dont want to eat whether you believe me or not.

Because plants are already naturally bigger in volume whilst having less calories than the animal products and my lack of interest in consuming calorically dense foods purely due to my preference and possibly taste buds, l can safely say if there were others like me who actually DO want to gain weight (i dont), itd be virtually impossible for them unless they force eat, which l absolutely hate doing since l mostly eat only when lm really hungry.

Anyone else go through a similar thing?

TL DR: my preference + food habits prevent me from gaining weight, which for me isnt a problem, but if there are others like me who DO want to gain weight, l can srsly sympathize with them on the basis that the main reason for their “inability” stems from their background and possibly genes that are rather hard to change or circumvent

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