Lily Cole says she is “95% vegan” and striving for a more sustainable lifestyle

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, actor and model Lily Cole has revealed the changes she has made in a bid to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Once voted the UK’s sexiest vegetarian, Lily Cole is now following a 95% plant-based diet.

During the interview, she spoke about how her diet is her main focus when it comes to leading a more environmentally-friendly life.

She said: “In terms of actions, diet is a main thing for me, it’s something I can control. I eat mostly vegan, probably like 95% plus. I’ve tried to consume less and support more sustainable businesses.

“The biggest thing is probably a mindset shift, pushing against the narrative that we need to buy more, do more, and moving out of a mindset of waste.”

The actor has since clarified that she includes some eggs and fish in her diet.

Speaking to The Independent she said: “I’ve been calling myself a ‘VagueN’ for the last few years – mostly vegan but eating eggs and fish occasionally – but I felt like it it was time to be more committed to that path.”

Cole’s environmental efforts

In addition to changing her diet, Cole has also greatly reduced her travelling.

She said: “The year before Covid I pretty much stopped travelling, I was travelling by train which reduced my travelling massively.

“Travelling is probably the one I found the hardest because my job does require me to travel a lot and if I’m honest, I really love travel.

“There’s loads of positives in terms of cultures being opened to each other. I don’t think with any of these things there’s a simple right, wrong.

“So often these conversations focus on what individuals are doing. Sometimes I think the obsession with individual perfection or imperfection can be a distraction from the bigger conversations that need to happen.

“How can we evolve our systems so it becomes easier for people to make better choices each day, so sustainability isn’t a luxury, so to speak.”

When asked what her one piece of advice would be to people looking to be more sustainable, Cole told The Independent: “Slow everything down. Slow food; slow fashion; slow travel. Emphasise quality over quantity when making choices.”

Recently, Lily Cole became one of 18 celebrities pushing for world leaders to address the impact of animal agriculture on the planet ahead of COP26.

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Image credit: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for NETFLIX

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