Looking for plant protein powder that does not contain Xanthan gum as the binding agent, looking for alternates. : veganfitness

Hello Vegans,

I am looking for any plant protein powder product recommendations that does not contain Xanthan gum as I get upset stomach from any plant protein product that contains Xanthan, i have tried LeanFit Completegreen Organic Protein Powder from Costco. In the past I have tried whey isolate protein that has Guar gum as the binding agent and did not suffer any gastric issues so i am hoping that if there is a plant protein powder out there with Guar gum that you would recommend.

In the meantime I have tried consuming pea protein powder (80% protein around 25 gram) with water and after consuming that I have to go pee every half an hour so that hasn’t worked out that well for me.

Appreciate any help in this regard.

Thanks in advance.

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