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1.Eat in a caloric deficit – This is the most important point hence I place it on the number one position. If the body is fed excess calories no matter how hard the effort is to lose fat all will eventually go in vain. Also make a habit of getting 4–5 liters of water every day it is not only essential for performance but also helps with feeling full.

2. Include cardio in routine – Many folks make the common mistake of not doing any cardio and solely rely on their strength training and diet to reduce body fat. I am not saying it couldn’t be done this way but including cardio helps in getting results fast and trust me nobody likes to be in a caloric deficit for very long periods of time.

3. Train with same intensity – If looking to lose body fat and also preserve muscle mass don’t make the mistake of reducing the intensity during the cutting cycle. Some weakness is common and is felt by almost everyone, but by not training hard enough the body has no reason to hang onto the muscle that was built, which leads to excess muscle loss.

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