Lost some weight, rescued a dog, got ill, went to vegan campout festival, finally feel like I’m back to squatting, 152.5kg/336lbx10 back squat interrupted by the dog (we make friends again at the end!), bodyweight 84.3kg/186lbs, 5 years vegan : veganfitness

Practice honestly, and my body mechanics suit a deep squat!

Pause squats help a lot I think, since the weight on the bar pushes you down you can’t help but adjust to depth over time. You can also just try holding an bodyweight squat at the bottom too.

My friend who seems to have long femurs which stop him getting into position has adjusted by wearing squat shoes, and doing a low bar squat, it’s the only way they can hit depth comfortably.

Different people can do different things better!

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