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I need some advice! I’ve been vegan for about 4 years now, I’m a 22 year old heathy male who’s main hobby in life is resistance training. To keep it short and simplistic, I noticed a decrease in sex-drive about 2-1.5 years ago but that was coinciding with me taking anti-depressants, which I stopped using completely roughly 6 months ago. I recently decided to get my bloods done because I still had these feelings (or lack of) accompanied with bad nighttime bed sweats.

My results indicated I had below the reference range for testosterone (just above 150 ng/DL) which freaked me out because even the normal reference range is quite low and as someone who considers themselves a healthy young male who literally resistance trains every day (almost) and puts a lot of effort in to diet and rest this seemed really weird. To clarify there were no other obvious deficiencies from the blood panel bar low iron but that’s less of an issue for me as of right now.

Note: I have gained weight over the past 6 months as I’m trying to put on some mass so I’m definitely not in a caloric deficit.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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