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Hi all!

I’ve been vegan for ~10 years, ate really low protein for most of those. Between that and not as much physical activity as I’d have liked to have…. my muscle mass is near nothing. I’ve actually started getting into lifting and I want to get stronger and grow more muscle. I have a health condition that makes keeping muscle on very difficult. I’ve been aiming for what I guess is still a fairly low protein goal and not really seeing progress from my exercising (about the last 3 months almost daily). Even though I’m not overweight, I’ve had body composition done, and my muscle mass is on the lowest end of healthy and my fat mass is on the highest end of healthy.

So between all of this, and knowing my own body, I’ve decided to buckle down and do some research. What seems like an appropriate calories and macro composition for me (not really looking for advice on this, please trust I’ve put a lot of work into reaching these numbers!):

  • Calories: ~1500

  • Protein: ~125g

  • Total Carbs: ~175g

  • Fats: ~37g

I’m really overwhelmed and exhausted trying to find recipes that suit this. Most of them are for much higher caloric intake, but right now I’m pretty small and not burning that much via exercise. I’m sure as time goes on I can increase these calories, but right now being pretty much a ball of squish, if I eat more than this I just keep gaining weight.

TL;DR So, any meal ideas ~400-500 cal and 31-41g of protein?

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