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r/veganfitness - M, 5'7, 33yo-Need some assistance on getting leaner

I’ve been vegan/plant-based for almost 15 years now and I used to be way chubbier when I was in my teens. I lost weight but was never fit/lean as i didn’t have much muscle mass. I started going to gym a few years ago but it’s always been on and off e.g. go for 1~2 months and then fall off. I at one point did a bulk and got too much fat on me that didn’t look too good. Currently I weigh 161lbs and I’m 5’7. The scale shows I’m about 19% BF but the calipers show I’m around 23%. I’ve looked into my TDEE and it shows a 250c deficit would leave me at around 1700 calories.

I’ve done 1400 calories before but I usually stop within a month and then fall off the wagon. How much BF does it look like I have here and what would be my ideal weight/bf? I want to be able to see abs and muscle definition. Currently, I can’t really do more than 1 pull-up so I know I got work to do.

I just started earlier this week with this cut and I aim for at least 100G protein and the I finish the rest with carbs/fats. I try to do a PPL workout for 3 days a week.

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