Maintaining Your Mental Health


Maintaining Your Mental Health


As the mind goes, so does the body, so when we talk about health. we must realize it starts with the mental and physical, not the other way around. Mental health is a topic that should never be taken for granted. It is the one type of health that can go undetected by ourselves. Our loved ones because we can’t physically see the mind. Despite what most people think. The mind is separate from the brain because one is physical and the other metaphysical. Much like a computer and the software that runs on it.

The machine is tangible and can be observed through our five senses. whereas the software can’t be experienced physically, though its effects can be. We will now further discuss the importance of mental health and how to maintain it or improve it. There are generally two ways to improve mental health. One is through the use of medicine, and the other is a holistic approach. We will talk about both in this article and which one is better in overall health.

Does Medication Help Mental Health?


The use of medicine to help with mental health is merely a quick fix to a potentially long-term problem. Healing the mind through a pill is only treating one side of it. The physical side, and whether it influences a specific part of the brain or altering some hormone production. This is not enough to give one’s mental health a clean bill of health. Any medication taken to help with mental health can prove effective. But that doesn’t mean that it is beneficial or necessary to use for treatment.

For example, a child with ADHD is prescribed Ritalin to reduce their energy levels, but these pills often reduce their levels too much to the point. where they can look like zombies and decrease the joy in their lives, and this is terrible. Medication is an example of effective treatment and can be harmful. Because though one problem is fixed, another has arisen, and what is the point? So, this is why, as a health specialist, I look towards a holistic approach to health, and I encourage you to do the same.


The Best Health Approach for Humans:


As human beings, we are creatures of nature, and nature is a system of rhythms, one of which is ours. The circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is the basis of holistic health. Because it deals with the natural patterns, actions. And functions of the human body with the time of the day. So, with holistic health, this would mean that for a person to be considered mentally healthy. They would also have to be considered physically healthy and emotionally healthy.

Because these three aspects of self-play in unison to stay in the rhythm of the song called “our heartbeat” or more simply put our Viewing health like this is called holistic approach. Still, it would be even better as “wholistic” because all of these three health branches are merely pieces of the whole picture. And this is how nature intended for humans to live to know that what we eat affects our mental health. so does what we do and vice versa. For example, exercise can be so much more than a workout. When you exercise your body. you are also exercising your mind because you are setting goals and accomplishing them. The behavior transfers from a gym into our lives because our mind has expanded to overcome adversity no matter where it is coming from.

Now, think about this, remember that personal record that you just set in the weight room. It just helped you get your promotion at work because once your body accomplished one. It gave your mind the tools to achieve the other. The reason being is why we must take a “holistic approach” with our health. Because everything is connected. we become aware that one decision will affect every aspect of making us more mindful of our actions, thoughts, and emotions. We will see health as a harmonious balance between the mind, body, and soul.


A Holistic Approach to Mental Health:


In terms of overall health, we can see that the clear winner is the holistic approach for various reasons. But when it comes to mental health, if those statements are still not enough for you, think about this. Which of the two ways could be done without using the other and even show to be effective in treating one’s mind? For example, suppose a person is given medication as a treatment method. In that case, it is always following some lifestyle or behavioral change (i.e., journaling, diet, etc.). Still, when we look at the opposite, this is not the case because we don’t need medicine to read, write, meditate, exercise, or anything else that stimulates the brain.

Yet, we can still reap the same or even better benefits that we could obtain through medication. So, which one is more effective? If you said the holistic way, then you get it. You understand that “mental health” is just a phrase to promote separation of self, to keep us ignorant of our natural state, only “health.” And health is merely balance in what we think, what we do (exercise, diet, actions), and what we feel (emotions, beliefs); this is the way nature let us return to it.

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By: Zel

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