Meatless Farm launches vegan sausage patties and sausage rolls

Meatless Farm has launched two new products in the UK this month, vegan sausage patties and sausage rolls.

The new sausage patties will be a first in the UK retail market and will expand the vegan breakfast market.

According to the brand, demand for plant-based sausages has surged since the pandemic began last March so the introduction of the two new sausage products will be a major hit.

While the sausage patties will be unrivalled on the market, the new Meatless Farm sausage rolls will have to compete with UK favourites such as Wall’s, Ginsters and Greggs.

Speaking to the Grocer, Meatless Farm chief growth officer Michael Hunter explained: “We see breakfast and savoury pastry as two of the biggest opportunities and innovation is one of the core ways we can continue to grow the category.”

These two new products mark the first in a total of ten planned launches for 2021, and we can’t wait to see what Meatless Farm brings out next.

Expanding internationally

The new products come soon after the announcement that Meatless Farm has opened a factory in Calgary, Canada which will supply plant-based protein around the globe.

Named ‘Lovingly Made Ingredients’ and aims to produce up to 14,500 tonnes of meat-free protein ingredients by 2023.

This factory will be the first of its kind on this huge scale, and Meatless Farm already has plans to expand into the Netherlands too with a second factory later this year.

Moreover, the brand is also considering a move into lab-grown meat.

CEO Morten Toft Bech told the Grocer that they were looking to acquire brands “on the frontline of creating cell-based meat in labs.” This is because lab-grown meat is “an inevitable part of the transition away from animal protein,” and “these types of products make sense.”

Meatless Farm seems to be ready to transform the plant-based meat market, and we’ve definitely got our eyes on them!

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