Meet the affordable vegan burger brand taking on McDonald’s with its plant-based menu

Get ready for Ready Burger, the new affordable plant-based burger brand set to revolutionise the fast-food market.

Ready Burger has opened the doors of its first venue on Park Road, North London. The brand already has four new sites in the pipeline, including a new site opening on London’s Finchley Road this summer.

The new restaurant is serving up an impressive 100% plant-based menu consisting of veganised versions of the world’s most popular burger favourites and sides at everyday prices. Watch out McDonalds, there’s a new plant-based burger joint in town!

The brand’s signature burger ‘The Ready Burger’, is priced only at £1.99 and is believed to be the only plant-based burger of its kind on the market for under £2!

Despite its affordable, inclusive prices the fast-food brand promises zero compromises on flavour, flexibility, speed, service, and experience.

Ready for some plant-based burgers?

Inspired by global fast-food brands such as McDonald’s and Burger King, Ready Burger’s revolutionary plant-based menu reimagines classic burgers and sides to make them 100% vegan while keeping flavour, value, sustainability, and convenience at the brand’s core.

Moreover, the menu offers a variety of premium and saver burgers. You can grab a classic Cheeseburger for just £2.39 on the saver menu, or why not go premium and try the Bacon Double Cheeseburger for just £3.99? We can’t believe it’s plant-based!

As well as single burgers, the brand offers affordable value meals where you can get a saver or premium burger, a side of fries, and a drink for under £7.00.

“Food that tastes amazing…but doesn’t cost the earth”

Ready Burger CEO and Co-founder Max Miller told Vegan Food & Living: “We’re on a mission to revolutionise the fast-food industry and people’s perception of plant-based food.”

The restaurant opened for a soft launch in May 2021 and was hailed with a positive response and encouraging feedback from taste trials.

Miller explained: “Our menus are designed to offer food that tastes amazing, which almost anyone can enjoy, but doesn’t cost the earth – in more ways than one!”

Co-founder and COO Adam Clark, who is also an accomplished and classically trained professional chef, added “When we set out to create the Ready Burger menu, our priority was to create a vegan burger that tasted just as good as its conventional counterparts.

“There are lots of options out there but very often there’s a compromise on taste, texture, or price. … We refuse to compromise on any of those things and we believe we’ve mastered the science behind the taste and texture of plant-based ingredients.”

Ready Burger opening hours & location

Furthermore, the launch from the latest vegan fast-food brand comes just weeks after McDonalds came under pressure by Animal Rebellion activists.

The activists blocked all four McDonalds UK distribution centres, demanding the brand committed to being plant-based by 2025.

With an increasing demand for big food brands to have greater vegan options, we welcome Ready Burger’s inclusive approach to vegan fast food.

Ready Burger is now open at 16 Park Road, London, N8 8TD, open Monday – Sunday, 12 noon – 12 am.

Keep your eyes open for Ready Burger’s new site announcement coming soon. Watch this space, we suspect big things to come.

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