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Hey guys,

Been vegan for about 5 years now. I’ve been lifting for about 7 years and switched to veganism after my first year.

I get my protein macros with no problem, but for the past 6 months i’ve been having issues with that.

I got a new job that doesn’t allow me to eat properly, i’m on the run most of the time and i barely have time to cook or eat properly. In my country there is no such thing as veganism, therefore if i don’t cook my meal i can’t get my protein in.

Vegan options are close to none and i don’t have access to vegan protein powders, my only options right now is cheap whey protein that i can just pack and go or eating straight up bread.

That’s what i’ve been doing for the past few months and it has impacted me, ngl.

So now, i’m in crisis mode. Do i just cave in and get my nutrition and protein in order through Whey or keep running on fumes?

Edit: Thank you guys for the input. Looks like i’m just gonna tough it out and hope i can get my life in order in the futur. Appreciate the back and forth.

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