Moving Mountains has launched vegan Beef Tender Strips at Sainsbury’s

It’s official, meat-eaters have no excuse not to go vegan! Moving Mountains has launched the ‘meatiest plant-based product in the world’ with its new vegan Beef Tender Strips.

The new Beef Tender Strips are located in the frozen aisle and can be cooked up in just five minutes from frozen. According to the brand, the strips sizzle, smell and brown just like the real thing, but with 0% cow!

Made from a combination of wheat and soy protein, the strips have a fibrous texture akin to real beef strips and have been fortified with vitamin B12.

Moreover, they contain 27g of protein per 100g, and are, like all plant-based products, free from cholesterol and antibiotics.

The Beef Tender Strips will join the vast line-up of burgers, sausages, mince, meatballs, hot dogs and even fish fingers already available in the range.

‘A real solution to the environmental impact of animal agriculture’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Simeon Van der Molen, Founder of Moving Mountains® told us:

“At Moving Mountains® we’ve created the meatiest plant-based product in the world with our Beef Tender Strips. Released just in time for Veganuary, now even the most dedicated of carnivores have no excuse not to give a plant-based or flexitarian diet a try in the New Year.

“We have perfected the recipe with a team of scientists, chefs and technological innovations, and it is the closest replication to beef available on the market.

“The product provides a real solution to the environmental impact of the animal agriculture industry, without compromising on taste for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters.”

Moving Mountains Beef Tender Strips are available at Sainsbury’s nationwide now at an introductory price of £3.50. 

We all know that plant-based alternatives are better for the environment than meat.
But have you ever wondered what would our future look like if plant-based farming became widespread?


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