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Hey guys! Awesome community!

I just started taking my diet seriously and switched to vegan! But i wanna hear if anybody can rate my routine.

My focus is Muay thai, and my main focus is getting and strong and athletic body, my goal isnt muscle mass. I also suffered a subluaxtion not long ago, so i am working on pre hab to my shoulders, to avoid this.

This is my fitness routine only 2-3 times a week

Warm up 15 minutes treadmill and 3 rotator cuff exercises.

Pushups 4-5 x 50 Pullups 4×12-15 Ring rows 4×15-20 ( some time weighted ) Split squats 4×15-20 Plank 4x max Hyperextentions 4×12-15

From time to time arm/shoulder work 2×15 bicep curl ss tricep extentions ss rear delt raise.

2 prehab exercises and some stretching

Takes me 1 hour to do. I have alot of focus on training my back and rear del shoulders, because of all the work the front gets at Muay thai classes. And again my goal is to stay healthy and injury free, and hopefully being able to workout when im 75 years old haha.

Im 185 and 88 kg, right trying to cut 10 kg Down.

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