Mummy Meegz launches UK’s first oat milk Créme egg

Créme egg lovers – Mummy Meegz has launched its new and improved vegan Chuckie Eggs!

The new ethically-sourced oat milk chocolate shell is filled with a gooey fondant ‘yolk’ centre and is wrapped in 100% recyclable foil.

Fans of the chocolate brand can now pre-order the Oat Milk Chuckie Eggs at the Mummy Meegz website, priced at £5 for 5 – be warned, the brand is only releasing a limited number for pre-order.

Pre-orders will be delivered just in time for Easter.

Additionally, the chocolate eggs will be available to purchase all year round at Asda from April 18th for just 99p!

Mummy Meegz vegan Créme egg

Since its launch in 2020, Chuckie Eggs has gained a cult vegan following – and for good reason!

Rivalling Cabbury’s iconic Créme egg, Chuckie Eggs contains no palm oil and only uses 5% of water and land required for dairy milk chocolate.

Rising demand for Mummy Meegz‘ vegan eggs led the brand to make Chuckie Eggs available all year round at Asda.

Moreover, the dairy-free chocolatiers are hoping its oat milk alternative will be as successful.

In a statement, Mummy Meegz Founder, Meagan Boyle, said: “We’ve created the world’s first true alternative to dairy milk chocolate creme eggs.

“This is a gamechanger and I can’t wait for people to try it, love it and swap their choc.”

Vegan Easter treats for 2022

Every year we are overwhelmed by the egg-citing new vegan Easter products.

This year is no egg-ception!

Brands such as Hotel Chocolat, NOMO, and Wicked Kitchen have debuted their creative new vegan Easter eggs, making plant-based eating a breeze during the Easter season.

It is so encouraging to see independent and commercial brands fill up supermarket shelves with their dairy-free chocolate creations.

Moreover, we have no doubt more people will be ditching dairy and opting for ethical vegan chocolate during the holiday season.

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