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I just wanted to share the very first gains of my life. I started hitting the gym 12 days ago today, and I’ve been taking my nutrition/rest/exercise very seriously for the first time since. (25m, 9 years vegan, 12 years without meat except for one time when I got high and had a slice of pepperoni pizza when I was 15 that I instantly regretted)

Anyways. My body is already thanking me but I wanted to specifically share my marked progress on the bench, even though it’s not much. My first two times benching I did 2×5 at 65lbs, followed by a set of 4, and failing on the 5th rep.. the third time I managed to bust out a 6th rep on the last set, and today almost out of nowhere, my 4th time on the bench, I did 6 reps at 65 for the first set, brought the weight up to 70lbs for the second set, did 6 more reps, brought the weight to 75lbs, and managed 8 solid reps before failing on the 9th, and got a compliment on my form. I know that’s a weak bench, even for a noob, but the undeniable progress really really surprised me, and left me seriously motivated to keep going. Progress is progress!

P.s. If anyone would like to share any stories about their own noob gains I would love to hear them!

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