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Hi I’m a 5 year vegan recently started working out with a Personal Trainer who follows a Ketogenic diet. I’m a female, 5.2 Feet, 103 pounds and body fat is 19%. I log my nutrition on Cronometer and have always been hitting near 100% on all RDA with avg 55g of protein. Trying to increase it to 80g. (0.8g per Ib)

I didn’t care if my personal trainer followed ketogenic because everyone have their choices and he told me that he is willing to learn about vegan diet and fitness.

Recently he started recommending me to eat 125-150g of protein a day with minimum of 100g. I had to tell him that’s not what I see recommended in vegan bodybuilding community. Sent him a few YouTube videos explaining it, Dr.Fuhrman’s recommendation PDF and a Game changer trailer.

The next day he said “I see vegan influencers recommending less protein but I don’t see any Doctor saying the same. I have 25 years of experience in fitness and I think 125-150g is a good amount of protein for you.”

Obviously he didn’t go over the info I sent him and I’m giving up. He is not willing to learn/do research for me. It does no good pushing him to do more research if he doesn’t even watch a video I personally sent him.

I’ve learned that if I take 0.4g/Ib of protein (40g) it would be enough for RDA and 0.8/Ib (0.8g)is more than enough to build muscle even for people twice bigger than me! I also read the study saying that more than 0.72/Ib of protein doesn’t even contribute to extra muscle growth!

Now he keeps saying “Do you get enough Iron? Why don’t you take protein powder? I know it’s difficult for vegans to get vitamin E!” while he says “I ate 3 slices of pizza and a block of cheese for dinner” “I fasted for 5 days and then I ate stake, 3 eggs, shrimp salad and chicken breast to break the fast.” I just listen but in my head I’m like “Do you know how many micronutrients you are in deficient and how dangerous your diet is!?!?!?”

I’m a peaceful vegan and I don’t want to fight but it’s getting on my nerve and making me mad internally.

I KNOW he is going to ask “How’s your protein intake going?” sometime soon. What do I say? How do we peacefully agree to disagree while not making it sound like plant based diet is deficient in protein? How do I be respectful but stop him nudging about my nutrition? Help!

P.S. My personal trainer is a very nice person, just not open minded yet. He doesn’t mean any harm ?

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