NAFLD, Veganism, Recidivism, and Regret

Hello, good day. I'm not sure if this is where I should post this, but I need help. I also posted this to r/vegan.

So, I have a number of issues. I'm a person who went vegan for a scary intestinal diagnosis something like 6 years ago. After a few years I incorporated fish into my diet. All other products I use are either vegan and cruelty free or thrifts (I never buy thrifted things made from animals, but I want to leave the caveat here just in case there's something in a thrift store find I don't know about). All of my friends and family members, including my wife, are quite hostile to plant based eating. What started off as some fish, which was on doctor's orders (more on that later) spiralled into full on recidivism for a year of debauchery and self hate. Covid made going out to find fresh food difficult, and it still is. My garden was drowned and sunbaked to Hell. Moles ate what was left. So, we survived on food my MIL made. They eat high fat, high meat, high deep fried stuff. It's funny because they think it's okay because they remain little skinny Chinese ladies. However, my MIL has major cholesterol issues and pre diabetes. It also doesn't help that I found out the good tasting protein shake my friend gave me a case of was from a company who does the most possible evil and harm to animals relative to other evil animal hurting companies…

Anyway, sometimes I'd feel inflammation in my lower right quadrant for roughly 5 years. When I ate a healthy, whole food vegan diet, it was gone completely. Last year, the feeling came back after eating a typical Omni diet. After going back and forth to the doctor, I found that I had hypertension and fatty liver disease. Uh-oh. Luckily for me, the intestinal disease seems to have reversed itself, a testament to eating meatless. Anyway, doctors jockey me around for weeks. Eventually I ended up speaking to a dietician who sat me down and went over food and all the stuff I should eat. Tempeh, tofu, legumes, whole grains, leafy greens. So, I say, cool…I need to eat plant based again, this is some universal sign that I'd betrayed my morals for violence and ease. Iam just swap out my eating habits and be fully vegan again. Soo, I tell the dietician, great, I'll go back to eating all plants. NOOO she says, ABSOLUTELY NOT. You can't get proper nutrition this way. You need to do the Mediterranean diet. Eat meat like ground turkey, chicken breast, and salmon. Those are low in saturated fats or high in poly unsaturated fats. You need them.

For the record, I was 5'11 and 248 pounds (yes, 5'11, what a joke. But I try really hard to not accept when people think I'm 6'0. Sorry, also I have extreme ADHD so tangents are a thing). Since following the dietician's advice, I've lost 24 pounds. I'm 224 as of yesterday.

Only…I feel like absolute shit. Turns out, even ground turkey and chicken are high in saturated fats. I'm still killing myself and honestly, I deserve it. I betrayed my ethics and now I'm sick because of it.

I have no community around me whatsoever willing to take the leap again with me. I'm alone and I need help because my doctors won't help me. I know it's stupid to say I know better, but I had my y results. Veganism made me healthy. Omnivore diet is killing me measurably. I have months of doctor's visits to prove it. I'm losing weight, I'm gaining muscle. My bp is down some due to exercising every day and losing fat, but I'm still dying.

I need help. I need to stay at a calorie defecit, so around 15-1600 calories. I need to remain low sugar, low fat, but high fiber (38grams) and high protein (no fewer than .8grams per kg body weight, but I tend to eat a little less than 1g per pound in freedom units). Does anyone have suggestions of where I can find resources to help me meet these needs? Any idea where I can find protein fortified plant milk and other such fitness staples? Generally, I have 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

B: fiber cereal, skim protein fortified milk 18g fiber, 16g protein S: protein shake 42g protein and 200 calories or so. L: Protein pasta or light protein with whole grains (the lunch and dinner meals end up around 60+ grams of protein. I use red lentil pasta and such for added protein and fiber) D: Protein pasta or similar dish S: Fruits and nuts or low cal ice cream to finish the day or fiber tortilla with crunchy nut butter.

I'm looking around on Reddit to find other health based vegan subs to post these questions to ask well but this is a long meandering post that probably still omits too much information. There's also the fact that I'm alone in this journey again. It makes fallingnoff too easy because if everyone hates you, you do like they do. My wife will support me and try food, but would never convert. How do I find community? How do I make friends? I was vegan/plant based for years and I made one sort of friend at my job who turned out to be an asshole who was pretending to be vegan for a girl he wanted to date. So, besides the food aspect of things – what do I do for community?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you hate me for falling off and eating omnivore, cool, take a number behind me. I own it and just want to do better again.

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