Neat Burger has launched a vegan Filet-no-Fish to rival McDonalds

Everyone is familiar with the iconic (and sometimes controversial) Filet O’ Fish burger available at McDonald’s. But now, there’s a vegan version hitting the foodie scene to rival it’s unsustainable and cruel counterpart.

Lewis Hamilton-backed Neat Burger has launched its own plant-based version, aptly named the Filet-no-Fish.

Made from sustainably sourced jackfruit (a popular fish alternative) the Filet-no-Fish is coated in crispy breadcrumbs and is layered with vegan tartare sauce and fresh crunchy lettuce in a soft flour bun. Fancy a bit of vegan cheese? You can add on a slice at no extra cost for the first month.

The new burger calls attention to the overfishing crisis we are currently facing, with new reports indicating that it is an even bigger threat to our oceans than climate change. Instead, jackfruit is a much more sustainable and planet-friendly alternative, having been used as a meat substitute in South-Asian culture for centuries.

The patty has been created by the leading jackfruit meat-alternative producer in the UK, Jack & Bry, and is sold exclusively at Neat Burger.

‘A tasty fish alternative’

In a statement sent to Vegan Food and Living, Zack Bishti, Co-Founder of Neat Burger said:

“A lot has changed since the Fillet-o-Fish launched in 1962 and formed the fish burger scene we see today – with man first landing on the moon, colour TV, creation of the internet and smartphones – but fish burgers have remained the same.

“Neat Burger thought it was about time for a change, giving consumers a tasty fish-alternative!”

‘A way to take positive action’

Toni Vernelli, Head of International Communications at Veganuary told us:

“Last January many restaurants struggled to keep up with the huge demand for vegan options and this year Veganuary is set to be even bigger. At a time when many feel helpless about the state of the world, Veganuary offers people a way to take positive action.

“And thanks to Neat Burger and their new Fillet No Fish, taking positive action for the planet and our health has never been tastier or easier!”

The new Filet-no-Fish burger is available at all four Neat Burger locations and on Deliveroo across London for £7.99. 

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