[Need Advice] New Fitness Challenge

Hey Vegan Community ?

Been an on-and-off again vegan for the last year. I’ve lost 72 lbs during the pandemic in a really healthy way. Love this page.

I recently joined a fitness challenge to help keep me motivated to get into the gym more and have accountability with my room mate. The trainer set my daily protein intake to [Edit 165g] of protein a day (and other macros set as well). I’m currently at ~244 lbs.

What do y’all suggest I do to reach that goal while eating plant-based? Will I have to resort to protein powders to get that much in a day? Ideally I’d like to stick with whole foods but if it leads to some vegan powders, I’m game.

(Personally, I don’t think I need that much protein in a day, but I’m trying to go with the flow and show that vegans can get great results with the same parameters as the other fitness challenge participants.)

[Edit: 165g protein, 73g fat, 220g carbs]

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