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Hi there.

I’m a female/35/225lbs/5’1”. My lowest weight ever attained as an adult is 165 pounds.

I lost 100 pounds going on a wfpb vegan diet and hiking about 6 years ago. I broke both of my feet in an accident and ended up gaining all of it back.

While I had maintained a vegetarian lifestyle over those six years, I was overeating and overconsuming processed foods.

So six weeks ago, I decided to transition back into a fully vegan lifestyle AND start going to the gym… a thing I’ve never, ever done.

Since I began six weeks ago… I’ve gained a pound. I know the scale doesn’t show everything. My upper body is visibly smaller but this belly ain’t movin.

I need help.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  • I’m absolutely in a calorie deficit but not eating below my BMR ever.

  • I’m hitting my macros. I struggled with protein in the beginning but I think I’ve figured that out and I’ve been able to get at least close to where I need to be over the last two weeks.

  • I’m not eating processed food. Everything I eat is wfpb with no exceptions. I haven’t cheated even once.

  • I’m weight training five days a week for at least 45 minutes a session. I’m not the type who’s on my phone in the gym. When I’m there, I’m focused. I get it done and get out. I lift heavy too. It’s within my capabilities and I don’t want my gym sessions to be “easy”.

  • The other two days a week, I ride my bike (cardio) to the farmer’s market to get my food for the week. It’s about a three mile ride.

What am I doing wrong? Any word of advice would be welcome. I posted here because most would tell me to start eating meat or go keto and eat butter. I’m not doing that. I chose a vegan lifestyle for moral reasons, not just health reasons.

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