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I’ve gained a little during quarantine and have taken up my long-time plan of reducing body (read: belly) fat again. I’m 186cm tall and currently weigh 77,4kg. I’ve upped my training (I mainly run and do some body weight/core strength exercise to support ist) and also consulted a nutritionist regarding a food plan, but keeping that up together with training, work and language studies is a bit stressful for me; the whole pandemic is a psychological challenge anyway and I felt that this extra pressure was doing me no good.

Therefore, I thought about it and I think that I’d fare better with a sort of combination system where I knew how much portions of specific nutrients I needed and to what food that translated. For example: Need X value of protein/carbs/fibre/amino acids/fat -> that’s roughly Y grams of the following foods, so I could combine them more freely and/or do meal prep where I cook, for example, different grains/rice and add different legumes which I then combine with fresh vegetables + seeds + nuts. I’m rather someone who likes to “automate” certain parts, so to speak, and, for example, to have that basic knowledge of “I can eat that many nuts in a day, above that is too many calories” etc.

Is that doable/can someone help me out? Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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