Need some advise. On my way to become a vegan.

I regularly lift weights, run and walk alot. So, my old diet was fit for that kind of active lifestyle. Now, for past 3 months, I haven't had any kind of meat and for past 1 month, no dairy as well. I have been feeling really low. My body recovery takes tons of time. Which is why I have to take more rest days.

I really don't want to research about it as you can tell from my condition. Would rather take advantage of your experiences.

Here are few things I was wondering about.

  1. What kind of supplements (vits etc) will I now have to take on a regular basis to reduce these frequent calls to my gym partner "Didn't recovery, can't come today".

  2. Any precautions that I must take before and during this new regiment.

  3. Is plant Protein (pea protein, since I don't like soy) really that efficient?

  4. Any other learning that you can provide so that I can start feeling normal again. (Non-aching body, full focus, less mood swings)

I shall be very thankful for your responses.

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