New to fitness in general, why are legumes considered a good source of protein? : veganfitness

Hello everyone, I’m 15, 6’2, 227 pounds. I recently had a health awakening and have been trying to improve myself through a vegan diet. I have been vegetarian ever since birth and legumes have been a staple in my household. I have been trying to learn more about nutrition so I can optimize my macros and micros while being on a caloric deficit. I looked into lentils and something has been bugging me, it says that 100g of cooked lentils have 9g of protein which isn’t a lot when considering the amount of food you’re consuming. Why is lentils considered a good source of protein when it barely has any protein for the amount you will be eating? I know soy products are good a source of protein and am aware that all the man boob stuff is false but honestly I despise the taste of soy,that isn’t a problem since I need to learn more about cooking but I’m just confused. I need around 158g of protein and don’t have any knowledge of cooking,please bless me with knowledge.

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