New vegan, how is this fitness plan?

185cm, 110kg. used to be at healthy weight, but ate unhealthy during pandemic and gained a lot of weight.

my plan:

  • 1499 kcals/day until goal weight (80kg), then switch to 2500kcals/day
  • 2 hours walking everyday (4kph), 3 days weightlifting (I already lift)
    • once I am under 90kg, I will start running. I can already run long distances, just too fat at the moment because I get blisters.
    • I can do other cardio exercises as well
  • breakfast
    • flat bread, protein powder (500 kcals)
  • lunch
    • beans, protein powder (500 kcals)
  • dinner
    • whole wheat cereal, salad (499 kcals)

Already been doing this for 7 days now and I lost 2.5kg (mostly water).

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