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So I have a problem and am looking for a solution. I’m currently transitioning to becoming a vegan and I’m looking for suggestions or help.

My problem is with mock meats such as beyond/impossible ground meat. These products do a great job at emulating your juicy, moist, and fatty real meat products like ground beef. The issue is I never gravitated towards fatty meats like this in the first place. As a meat eater I would consume extra lean meats like 99% fat free ground turkey, 96/4 ground beef, or chicken breasts.

In the plant based mock meat world there does not seem to be an equivalent or substitute for this as most mock meats are fatty etc.

I’m looking for if anyone either knows of a product that would be what I’m looking for or if there isn’t one, what products or recipes I could potential cureate that would fit the bill of what I’m after! I know seitan is a perfect substitute for chicken breasts but in terms of ground meat I can’t find anything.


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