NOMO launches vegan Caramel and Hazelnot Easter eggs

Popular vegan chocolate company NOMO has unveiled two new flavoured eggs for Easter this year: Caramel and Hazelnot.

The Caramel Egg features a caramel flavoured chocolate egg that NOMO fans can crack into, accompanied by a gooey caramel-filled bar.

This egg will retail at £6 and is exclusive to Tesco, so if the supermarket isn’t your usual stomping ground, you might have to treat yourself to a special trip.

The Hazelnot Egg is, as the name suggests, completely nut-free, yet still satisfying to hazelnut chocolate lovers. Aside from the nutty flavoured egg, the box also includes a packet of drop-shaped Hazelnot chocolates for snacking or baking into some delicious vegan treats.

This deceptively non-nutty egg will also retail at £6 but it will be available at Asda, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose and the NOMO online shop.

These two new additions bring the NOMO Easter Egg total to five varieties, meaning there really is no missing out on Easter indulgences in 2021.

‘No missing out this Easter’

Speaking in a press release sent to Vegan Food and Living, NOMO Marketing Controller Emma Perrett said:

“We are delighted to introduce NOMO Caramel and Hazelnot to our range this year, offering consumers even more choice when it comes to vegan and free-from Easter Eggs.

“We truly believe that vegan and free-from consumers should have a variety of popular mainstream flavours for every occasion, including Easter when we all look forward to a little indulgence.

“There really is no missing out this Easter!”

You can pick up the NOMO Caramel Egg in Tesco, and the NOMO Hazelnot Egg in Asda, Holland and Barrett, Waitrose and the NOMO online shop now. 

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