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I’m in need of some advice and/or moral support. Basically, the problem is that I think I’m not getting enough food because of my schedule and/or eating habits.

I’ve been vegan the last 8 years and I’ve mostly sufficed on legumes, beans, grains and stuff. Now, however, I’m training martial arts rather intensely and it’s making things more complicated. First of all, I can’t eat anything after 5 p.m. since I that makes me nauseous during practice. Secondly, the practices end quite late so I eat my third meal of the day around 10 p.m., but I don’t really have an appetite at that time so I just end up eating a half can of beans or smth. Lastly, my stomach is pretty small so I can’t fit a lot of food in there, so when I’ve eaten I often get the feeling of being stuffed but not full.

So I eat breakfast at around 8 a.m., usually a bowl of proteinshake mixed with banana and soy milk + oats + chia seeds, lunch at 12 p.m., normally some beans/lentils/tofu + bulgur + some green stuff (broccoli, spinach, pepper) and then some cashew nuts + fruit + soy milk for a snack and then the half can of beans when I stumble home from practice.

I’ve been doing a lowkey count on cronometer the last week and I’m getting around 1500-1800 calories a day, while my TDEE is at around 2300. (And that is after I started adding peanut butter to my diet.)

Do you have any advice on what I could change or things I could add to my diet? I’m very keen on eating a varied and nutritious diet. I have been thinking about swapping my beans and lentils for soy substitutes to get less quantity but more quality, but it just gets sooo expensive.

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