One week left to the end of my bulk. 80 to 83 kg in the span of about 2 months. No animals we hurt in the making of these gains. : veganfitness

I bought rice protein which was costly, I also bought pea protein that was dirt cheap since I bought it at the grocery shop and the package says: Pea protein powder for cooking, soups and shakes (or something along these lines).

The point is that when the product isn’t targeted at body builders, it can cost at least twice as little.

I mix these two protein powders in a ratio of 70% pea protein 30% rice protein.

So that would be a typical day: Start the morning with a HUGE bowl of oatmeal with almond milk,coconut oil, chia seeds and agave syrup (or maple) I also add in an apple or a banana. This week I started adding a scoop of the protein powder to the oatmeal.

A peanut butter sandwich.

A protein shake. (on days I train I’ll have one in the oatmeal one just by itself. On days I don’t, I’ll have it just by itself).

Seitan cut into cubes, prepared with sweet chili sauce and peanut butter or alternatively made with coconut cream and green curry. Buckwheat and lentils. Green leaf vegetable like kale.

Rice and lentils/ buckwheat and lentils/ black beans and rice. Green leaf vegetable like kale.

I used to also eat a big salad made with avocados and all the vegetables I love but for the last two weeks I couldn’t find the time for that so I’ll have another peanut butter sandwich if I was hungry.

That’s about it.

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